The benefits of group supervision sessions are that they give opportunity to share ideas and learn from peers. Group sessions provide a chance to discuss relevant topics in a caring and supportive environment. This includes:

  • Case studies and best practice
  • Latest research and developments in neuroscience
  • Recently published books
  • Continual professional development courses
  • Marketing and business management

I have been having regular supervision sessions with Jess Dowd for over four years. Jess' Solution Focused approach to supervision is both uplifting and encouraging and I come away from sessions with renewed enthusiasm and energy.

November 19, 2018

As a practitioner my main aim is to support the clients I work with in the best and most effective way possible. At the core of my practise is the clients well being and their therapy goals. Supervision with Jess enables me to reflect on the work I do with clients and to tune and refine my practise in a way that maintains these core values. With Jess's extensive experience as a practitioner and supervisor, she is able to support me and provide a space to develop skills and a deeper understanding about the approaches I use in my practise. Supervision helps me to maintain my professionalism and fulfil my responsibilities as a therapist at all times.  JW

November 19, 2018

Supervision is the safety net we all need. Regular meetings to touch base, share ideas and learn from colleagues keeps therapists abreast with developments and in touch with a wider community. It has been an invaluable resource and fabulous confidence boost in what could otherwise be a rather lonely working environment. 

Having an experienced helpful advisor at the end of the telephone has been a huge support to me in my first few years of practice, and I'm sure will continue to be used. Whenever there is a difficult situation Jess is always on hand with useful, accessible advice.  AP

November 19, 2018

I've found supervision really helpful for when I use hypnotherapy with students. It's always interesting, as I learn a lot useful information from "fried eggs of control" to the latest research from neuroscience and recommendations for books I hadn't heard of. I'm also very grateful that there's someone to turn to for ideas to try when I'm stuck. I really appreciate the work you put in, updating us about new developments in the field and also creating a lively and supportive group for sharing experience. I look forward to coming because it's an enjoyable three hours which goes quickly. JN

November 19, 2018

A regular supervision session is a bit like an oasis. It's perfectly possible to keep on walking with your camel and your backpack - you know the route, and feel good about the journey......but all of a sudden you come to this wonderful sparkling pool of clarity. It's good to drink deep and refresh yourself - supervision for me is about that time to pause and re-energise.

It's a great opportunity to look at things with a fresh set of eyes, and think about new approaches which can really boost the breadth and depth of your practice. I also like the opportunity to learn, to glean articles and books which I may never have come across - that sharing is so good. And, of course - time to feel supported, and that you are not alone; when you are working in your own practice, this is hugely important. Thank you Jess for all of the above!

November 19, 2018

Hi Jess. I’m now driving again on my OWN! I’ve been to the garden centre numerous times. Thank you so much for helping me. 😁

November 19, 2018

Hi Jess, I got the job! I’ve given your details to a now ‘ex’ colleague who also wants to make a move!

November 19, 2018

Hi Jessica, just letting you know that I passed my driving test. Very happy!

November 19, 2018

Not so long ago I had completely given up on life and now I love it. Thank you so much!

November 19, 2018

I went through my wardrobe on the weekend and found clothes I can now wear  (some still with their tags on!)

November 19, 2018

It's now been a week without smoking

November 19, 2018

Hypnotherapy for depression

I decided to try hypnotherapy as it was suggested by a few people as effective in making changes in your life, whether losing weight or dealing with depression. I have been on anti depressants for a long time and also tried talking therapies at different points in my life since my twenties. In my forties, though, I still find myself stuck in negative patterns or coping strategies that I want to change.

I looked online for hypnotherapy in Cardiff and Jess' website really stood out: it was clear, understandable, friendly and explained hypnotherapy in very practical terms. I liked the idea of Solution Focused Therapy that would not involve more talking about the past and would not last for ever as well as the relaxation / meditation element to hypnotherapy and that it is based on the way the brain works.

My actual experience of hypnotherapy with Jess has been totally positive - I have felt listened to and encouraged to draw out the positives in my life as well as focus on what I want to change, setting out mini challenges at each session. I have always felt comfortable and relaxed in Jess's company and have learned a lot about how the brain works from her explanations as well as the TED talks and articles she has shared. My personal recording from Jess helps me to relax and sleep at night and I always write down the positives for each day - both of these things really make a difference over a short period of time.

I have encouraged two friends to undertake hypnotherapy because of my positive experience with Jess, one who drinks excessively and another who suffers chronic pain.

I cannot thank Jess enough for her help.

Anna, a depression client May 17, 2018


Hi Jess!!
Thanks for yesterday...I enjoyed it! !
Out of curiosity,  what have you done to me?!! I walked up the 6 flights of stairs to the office this morning! !
Speak soon

LR Cardiff September 18, 2014


However, dear feminist, there are other aspects that have helped me reconfigure my brain. Jessica Driscoll. With a kind friendly and non judgemental attitude,

RM Cardiff September 18, 2014


Hi Jess,

I thought you might like to know that our little boy was born early Friday morning (8th August). I was four hrs btw contractions starting at home and delivery with only gas and air and the wireless tens I wanted in the Heath!!! Mission accomplished. He was a very bouncy 9.6lb and we have been home since Saturday. Feeding is not quite established but milk in so fingers crossed I will conquer those fears too with a positive mindset. Thank you for everything!!!!!!
All the best, happy hypnobirthing

RR Cardiff September 18, 2014

stop smoking

Hi Jessica,
I am just e-mailing you to thank you for getting me to stop smoking - 3 weeks now, I have no idea how it worked, but am very impressed, it is very strange, but lovely to not smoke.
I don't think I will feel like a proper non-smoker for a long time yet, but have never managed this long before, I want it to last forever, I wish I had done this 20 years ago!
I have passed your name onto a few people who may get in touch, they are amazed too.
I am very grateful and still surprised, I really had given up giving up!
Thank you

Petra Cardiff September 18, 2014

interviews and presentation

Hi Jess
Hope that all is well with you. Thought you might like to know that I did my presentation this afternoon to 35 people. So far seven people have told me it was good and one described me as an accomplished presenter!
Thanks so much for your help.

ELW Cardiff September 18, 2014


Hi Jess

Just wanted to say thanks again for all your help.

The presentation went well. One of the doctors commented that he really enjoyed it. Overall I came out feeling like I'd done my absolute best.

EW Cardiff September 18, 2014


Hi Jessica, just a quick message to say thank you for helping me! Today marks one month of me not smoking!! I haven't been suffering with any withdrawals and feel so much better about myself!
I've even told my mum and colleague about what you do and they are both interested in contacting you!
This is what I've saved so far.... £205.06

LA Newport September 18, 2014


Our little girl was born on August 22nd, into a super peaceful space, just as we had planned. She swam into this world after a 10hour drug-free labour. she's a corker, super alert & super calm. Thankyou got all of your guidance & advice especially with the ECV concerns  (Which turned out to be the quickest, easiest one the consultant had done yet!) I don't think I could've had this wonderful experience if we hadn't come and done the work with you. We're spreading the Hypno word-  Thankyou.

JP Roath September 18, 2014

…more than you realise

Thank you so very much for helping me out when I needed help. You helped more than you realise.

University Exam & Interview Client May 30, 2014


Even if every flower in the world had a voice, I couldn’t send as many as it would take to say thanks enough.

Smoking Cessation Client May 30, 2014

…a pleasure

Thank you so much for all your hard work and dedication, it has been a pleasure.

Anxiety Client May 30, 2014

Thank you

You have put up with my traumas, my tears and my snot and you have lifted me from a 3, I thank you from the bottom of my bucket.

Depression client May 30, 2014

My Journey

Thank you so much, I have really valued your hard work and my journey has been amazing, thank you.

Confidence Client May 30, 2014


Thank you for giving me the sword to deal with my watermelons! Love and gratitude.

Confidence & Depression Client May 30, 2014

…a new woman!

I feel like a new woman since my sessions with Jessica. She has helped me regain my confidence and find new assertiveness where it was lacking. I recommend her regularly.

Kate Baker Cardiff May 30, 2014