Boost your serotonin and take control

Our minds cannot differentiate between imagination and reality, so if we keep thinking about things we should have done, or tell ourselves we will never be able to do something, that negative repetition impacts on us and becomes a habit- to think we can’t rather than think we can. There is a really simple test of this theory… if I say to you now, don’t think about an elephant, don’t think about a BLUE elephant, don’t think about a BLUE elephant with RED spots! What are you thinking about?

Just as we start to sort out our autumn clothes and hoping it will still be a while before we need the old bobbly jumper lurking at the back of the closet, we can sort out old thoughts, feelings and issues and re-evaluate them – are they useful to us any more? And how can we do this anyway?

To be physically healthy, we have to be mentally healthy, and more people recognise these days that medication alone or “just getting on with it” may not be enough and want to make change happen in an ongoing, realistic and sustainable way. There are various ways to learn how you can use your full mental resources to achieve your goals and give you tools that you can use right now, and for the rest of your life.

One crucial aspect to a healthy mind is SELF CARE. Too many of us are rushing here there and everywhere always doing for others, our jobs and our relationships and it is our self that comes at the bottom of the pile? How can we expect our brain to do as we ask it to, to follow through on out motivations and even our dreams if we are not respecting ourselves and putting in VALUE to our self-consciousness?

Do any of the following apply?

  • Too busy to meet friends, family?
  • Too busy to go the gym, go for a walk? Yet you can still fit in an hour of TV?
  • Forgotten how much you like to read, listen to music, play an instrument? Cook, garden?

We must follow the three golden rules in order or get motivated, give ourselves an internal promotion before expecting our brain to follow suit and help us out when we want to make changes but lack the necessary ‘oomph’ to do so.

The 3 golden rules are:

  • Positive actions
  • Positive interactions
  • Positive thoughts

These help us increase our own sense of well-being and therefore help increase our serotonin pool. More serotonin means more happiness, more motivation and more oomph!

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