Hypnotherapy can be used during pregnancy and childbirth to prepare a mother for birth and/or to attempt to treat a number of issues ranging from fears and minor health conditions related to the pregnancy, to the possibility of reducing or eliminating pain during labour.

Hypnotherapy is the process of interactive therapy with a certified clinical hypnotherapist to determine and resolve the root cause(s) of any overwhelming fears, beliefs and attitudes. There are many basic hypnosis techniques that can be used throughout pregnancy and childbirth for the purposes of relaxation, sleep, physical comfort, preparation for childbirth and preparation for parenthood.

General use during pregnancy

Practitioners understand that during pregnancy and prior to birth, the use of hypnosis can significantly shorten labour, reduce pain and reduce the need for intervention. Practitioners also understand that babies born to mothers who have used hypnosis to relax and calm themselves will sleep and feed better.

Hypnotherapists can offer a tailored approach geared towards individual women. This is especially important if they have additional phobias or fears associated with childbirth. This can include needle phobias, fear of hospitals or even fear of pregnancy itself.

Hypnosis, combined with childbirth education:

  • reduces the length of labour
  • reduces the incidence of pain medication use

“It’s just a more complementary approach, … it’s about bringing babies into the world in a more peaceful and calm way.”

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Self-hypnosis for childbirth

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