hypnotherapy for depression


If you have been diagnosed with depression you may be looking to complement your current management plan with other forms of therapy. While it is normal to feel sad on occasion, depression tends to occur over a prolonged period of time and is accompanied by intense sadness. It doesn’t just ‘go away’ on its own and many people who are depressed seek out alternative forms of healing. One such treatment for depression is hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy for Depression

Hypnosis for depression works on a deep emotional and mental level to alter a person’s thought patterns. At a very basic level, hypnosis aims to replace a detrimental and negative thought pattern with a positive one. It is often guided by a professional hypnotherapist; he or she will use powerful suggestions to address your specific problems and goals.

Hypnosis is thought to be effective for depression as well as other mental health disorders that often coexist, such as addictions and anxiety.

A hypnotherapy session is usually a very relaxing and comfortable experience for most people. You may be hesitant or fearful to try a new therapy, perhaps believing that you will lose control during the session. There is a great deal of trust involved in the hypnosis process and a hypnotherapist will maintain confidentiality. During a hypnotherapy for depression session, a therapist will guide you into a hypnotic trance, which is essentially a place of concentration, where outside distractions tend to dissolve.

It is in this state that a hypnotherapist will offer powerful suggestions to encourage your thought patterns to become more positive. These positive thoughts and beliefs ideally then translate to a stronger sense of self, increased confidence and a brighter outlook on life, all of which tend to decrease during depression.

How Can Hypnotherapy Help With Depression?

Depression affects all parts of a person: their body, mind and feelings. It is thought that hypnotherapy can address the subconscious part of the mind and can allow you to identify those thoughts and emotions that have led to depression. Through the use of hypnosis, you can potentially obtain a stronger grasp of your thought patterns as well as your emotions. Hypnosis is considered an effective means to reduce the sadness and anxiety associated with depression by encouraging positive affirmations and emotions.

Hypnosis can also be an excellent complement to antidepressant or non-medication based therapies. Many people experience depression but your feelings and experiences should be uniquely treated. With hypnotherapy, you can address your personal negative thought patterns and hopefully, replace your depression with joy and fulfilment.

With appropriate hypnotherapy, depression is one of the most treatable disorders. It has a dramatically lower rate of relapse than with antidepressants alone and is now considered the most effective treatment, even in severe cases, enabling the client to focus on solving problems and engage fully in life again.

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