I am an Accredited Clinical Supervisor for Hypnotherapists, I work and live in Cardiff.

I am offering clinical supervision through facilitating peer supervision.  Supervision is of course inclusive of all the latest research, interventions, techniques and metaphors as well as the most up to date aspects of SFBT, CBT, NLP, Mindfulness and marketing your business.

As a practising clinical hypnotherapist you are required as part of the relevant organisations you belong to (NCH, APHP, NCP, AfSFH, GHR etc as detailed in their recommended codes of practice) to have supervision sessions.  It is up to you to ensure that you meet the requirements of the relevant associations you are a member of. Most require 6 sessions per year and this can include some sessions of phone supervision as well as face to face.

Supervision is essential to allow you to advance, for example from licentiate to registered practitioner and it allows others to meet, preventing isolation and burnout and allowing you to develop and flourish as a practitioner.

Supervision Dates 2018

Sunday    25th   November   10am – 1pm

Supervision Dates 2019

Sunday 20th January 10am – 1pm
Sunday 17th March 10am -1pm
Sunday 12th May 10am – 1pm
Sunday 21st July 10am – 1pm
Sunday 15th September 10am – 1pm
Sunday 10th November 10am – 1pm


There are 3 pricing options:

  1. £17.50 per month by BACS = 3 hour group Supervision (x6)
  2. £35 group supervision pay as you go = 3 hour group supervision
  3. I can also offer 1:1 Supervision for £45 per one hour session face to face, phone or Skype.

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Venue for supervision will be:
New Link Wales Business Centre, Meridian Court, North Road, Cardiff, CF14 3BF.
Located with ample free parking just off the A470 (North Road) into Cardiff.

For more information, please contact Jess Driscoll.