Hypnotherapy for depression

Hypnotherapy for depression

I decided to try hypnotherapy as it was suggested by a few people as effective in making changes in your life, whether losing weight or dealing with depression. I have been on anti depressants for a long time and also tried talking therapies at different points in my life since my twenties. In my forties, though, I still find myself stuck in negative patterns or coping strategies that I want to change.

I looked online for hypnotherapy in Cardiff and Jess' website really stood out: it was clear, understandable, friendly and explained hypnotherapy in very practical terms. I liked the idea of Solution Focused Therapy that would not involve more talking about the past and would not last for ever as well as the relaxation / meditation element to hypnotherapy and that it is based on the way the brain works.

My actual experience of hypnotherapy with Jess has been totally positive - I have felt listened to and encouraged to draw out the positives in my life as well as focus on what I want to change, setting out mini challenges at each session. I have always felt comfortable and relaxed in Jess's company and have learned a lot about how the brain works from her explanations as well as the TED talks and articles she has shared. My personal recording from Jess helps me to relax and sleep at night and I always write down the positives for each day - both of these things really make a difference over a short period of time.

I have encouraged two friends to undertake hypnotherapy because of my positive experience with Jess, one who drinks excessively and another who suffers chronic pain.

I cannot thank Jess enough for her help.

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